Established in 2008, Blue Climate Solutions is a non-profit project of The Ocean Foundation, and is the world’s first organization with a sole focus on blue carbon. We promote measurement and valuation of oceanic carbon services to enable development of policies that recognize the climate change mitigation and adaptation roles of the oceans, their ecosystems and inhabitants.

Blue Carbon is carbon associated with the marine environment through coastal and open ocean ecosystems

Blue Climate Solutions specializes in blue carbon projects and communications that provide climate change mitigation and adaptation options, while also securing benefits such as sustainable development of the blue economy; marine biodiversity and ecosystem conservation; coastal protection; and essential habitat for coastal and oceanic species (including locally and commercially important species).

We are dedicated to promoting conservation of the world’s oceans, it’s ecosystems and biodiversity, as a proactive and viable action to reduce the impact of climate change. Our objective is to protect and enhance the natural carbon sinks provided by coastal and ocean ecosystems and organisms.

Our Activities:

  • Raising awareness of the role of oceans in climate change mitigation and adaptation, and incorporating the value of oceanic carbon cycling into climate and ocean governance and policies.
  • Coordinating targeted science to address key knowledge gaps in oceanic biological carbon cycling to inform ocean and climate policy and management. Our current focus includes the impact of marine organisms and ecosystems on the uptake of atmospheric carbon into the oceans through photosynthesis, the subsequent storage of carbon in benign form in the ocean, and the potential provision of a buffer against ocean acidification by the natural metabolic processes of bony fish.
  • Leveraging the value of oceanic carbon capture and storage to secure conservation of ocean biodiversity and ecosystems, inform sustainable development of the blue economy, and enable continued economic opportunities for local communities, including fisheries and tourism.

Blue Climate Solutions Engagement:

Blue Climate Solutions formed the Blue Climate Coalition: over 100 conservation groups and environmental stakeholders, and over 150 scientists from 43 countries around the world. The Coalition has advanced policy options for blue carbon with the United States executive and legislative branches, US government agencies, and through the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) process.

Co-authored the report Pacific Island Whales in a Changing Climate, launched at the UN Ocean Conference, June 2017

Authored Fish Poo and the Climate Change Challenge, article in The Marine Biologist magazine (April 2016)

Co-finance partnership with the Global Environment Facility Blue Forests Project, launched in January 2015

Co-authored the report Fish Carbon: Exploring Marine Vertebrate Services (November 2014)

Contributed to the report Building Blue Carbon Projects: An Introductory Guide   (April 2014)

Please see Documents and Publications for policy briefs, Blue Climate Coalition letters and statements, and useful external Blue Carbon references.

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